Intelligent Account Resolution 


The Revelocity Difference

Revelocity's service has been informed by over 20 years of experience gained providing edge-to-edge revenue cycle solutions to hundreds of healthcare organizations and is engineered to maximize cash while multiplying results through actionable insights.

Our highly experienced team leverages state of the art technology to capture and categorize the root cause behind each open balance account.  Our proven system enables us to quickly and accurately diagnose and resolve each account, while providing our clients with unparalleled transparency.

Ultimately, our combination of highly skilled, experienced experts and proprietary technology delivers results quickly and empowers clients to reduce or eliminate the causes of denials, rejections and underpayments, greatly multiplying ROI.

  • Maximize cash recovery while simultaneously capturing, categorizing and trending root causes


  • Our proprietary software identifies and prioritizes accounts which require immediate action

  • Detailed root cause reporting identifies and prevents delays,denials, rejections and errors

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