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Key Performance Indicators

Upward Curve

Gross Collection % - Measures revenue cycle cash flow, assists in predicting cash flow

Net Collection % - Measures Revenue Cycle efficiency

RVU by Provider - Measures Productivity of Providers

Aged Accounts Receivable by Practice, Payer & Provider  Trending indicator of receivable again and collectability

Days in AR - Measures Revenue Cycle effectiveness & efficiency​

Charges/Collections per RVU per CPT Code - Measures consistency in Charge Master

Charge Entry Lag - Measures Opperational Efficiency

Days to Pay by Payer and Patient - Measures delay in payment/cash flow

Self Pay Percentages - Measures amount of cash owed from patients

Bad Debt Percentages - Measures the quality of the AR

Active Accounts/Follow Up - Measures staffing needed in the business office   


Denial Rates by CPT by Payer - Tracks payer denials and impact on cash flow and trends payment opportunity and process improvement

Operating Cost - Measures the cost and profitability

Charges Collections per RVU per CPT Code - Measures consistency in Charge Master

Time of Service Collections - Measures the effectiveness  of the front office staff

Payer Mix Trend - Percentage of business by payer trended over a defined time frame

Year to Date Collection Rate by payer - The percentage of payments received on charges submitted by payer YTD

Insurance Verification/Eligibility Rate - The percentage of claims dropping from the host system for billing with no errors detected

Clean Claim Rate - The percentage of claims dropping from the host system for billing with no errors detected

No Show Rate - Measures the number of times appointments are not kept

Cancellation Rate - The rate of visits and/or services cancelled

New Patient Percentages - Measures the new patients coming to the practice

Visit Code Ratios - Measures actual work to expected curves


E&M Management Coding Distribution - Review of E&M Coding activity to provide insight into the overall level of E&M based services deliverd to patients

They say if you can't measure it, you can't manage it.  Some of the Key Performance Indicators, (KPI's) can be identified in most common Electronic Health Record systems. Are you able to easily capture and report this information?

Let Revelocity help you track and monitor your organization's KPI's.  Our reporting capabilities make it easier for you to gather the data and begin to measure your collected information intelligently.

Revelocity, along with a few of our preferred partners, has collected the most important KPI's recognized by the healhcare industry which have been compiled and listed on this page for your reference.

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