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 Accelerate Your Revenue Cycle     

  Edge to Edge Revenue Cycle Experience + Proven Technology = Results

Denied and delayed healthcare claims are expensive, time-consuming, and often avoidable.  We at Revelocity understand the importance of keeping a tight control over your Revenue Cycle.

Our staff has years of operational and revenue cycle experience and keeps up-to-date with the ever-changing rules and regulations of medical coding and billing.  What makes us different from the other Revenue Cycle Management Companies is our cutting-edge technology which allows us to accurately identify the reason for each open balance and provides analytical reports that clearly define root cause.  This allows our dedicated staff to quickly resolve your outstanding accounts while you continue to see an increase in your monthly cash flow.

Rather than simply treating the symptoms by correcting claims, re-billing insurance, filing appeals, etc. we seek to identify the conditions which caused accounts to remain unpaid in order to prevent re-occurrence.

The key is accurately diagnosing the reason each account remains open.  Capturing the "reason" on each account, enables us to prioritize efforts, ensure appropriate and timely action and identify causal patterns.  Our experts review discovered patterns to pinpoint issues and provide specific recommendations for corrective actions.  Click below to for more detail.

Revolocity Reporting

Ensuring Timely Follow Up

Improving AR Workflow

Detecting Underpayments

Verifying Insurance Eligibility

Investigating Prior Authorizations

Initiating Appeals

Accelerating Payments

Resolving Coding Inquires

Increasing Compliance

Leveraging State of the Art Analytics

Let Us Accelerate Your Revenue
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